The only way to get a database that will work the way YOU want it to work, is to build it yourself, or get it custom made. If you can build your own; go for it! If not, we can build it for you. Here’s how we go about producing that result:I think I need a database...

  1. We take a database infrastructure that we know works well. This is the start point.
  2. Next we find out exactly what it is that you want to do with your data and how you want to work with it.
  3. Then we write a Function Specification that details all of the functions that will be included and give you a quotation.
  4. If you like the functionality and you agree to the price, we go ahead and build it for you.
  5. When the first working version is ready, we install it on your site and train you and your key staff.
  6. As you use the new system, you will find some functions you would prefer ran differently. We tailor all of these to your requirements.
  7. Finally the database settles down and performs according to the Functional Specification – working exactly as you want it to.
  8. We then give you a 3 months’ warranty period, during which any final tailoring changes and updates will be handled.

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