Neil ClarkNeil Clark spent 20 years with IBM in Sales, Marketing and Product Management, focusing mainly on the PC end of the market. When he left IBM he spent a further 20 years helping small to medium businesses with database development and support.

He has now developed a vast infrastructure from which he can develop specific solutions to satisfy almost any database requirement. The strength of the systems is in the fact that they are build to perform the way YOU want them to perform.

Neil also has a couple of other ventures that are worth checking out:

Exceptional Business WritingExceptional Business Writing

It really does matter how the words are put together in your business documents. If they are powerfully written, you will create the desired impact on your public. Newsletters, User Manuals, Technical Writing, Contracts, Job Ads and Business Articles; It’s the WORDS that make the difference.

Clearly written business documents, created in the most appropriate style, fulfilling the specific needs of clients.

Performance Management Made Easy

Overworked ManagerBased on over 40 years of management experience in both corporate and small business organisations, this is an easy-to-understand and complete performance management system. Included are lots of practical tips and techniques that will help you manage your people.

This huge body of data is extremely valuable for managers (or business owners) who are just starting out. It is also a lifesaver for experienced managers who are spending too many hours at work, as it has also been called “The Overworked Manager’s Rescue Package.”

New Computer Technology

These two sites have some examples of other material I have written and produced. The technology revealed on these sites is the most exciting I have ever seen.

ExoTech – The revolutionary computer technology that enables computers to “think” the way humans do.

Peter Warren – Inventor, Writer, Entrepreneur and the founder of ExoTech