1-2-3 Pest Control !!

What Does 1-2-3 Pest Control Actually Cover?

  • Simple Job Creation: The easy entry of new jobs, including customer details, site details and work to be done. Easily manage multiple jobs/sites for Real Estate Agents and Builders.
  • invoicingdbResidential and Commercial: The management and tracking of both residential and commercial jobs, including new building sites.
  • Easy Search: Find any job, customer, or contact person; by name, address, phone number, or email. Find any invoice; list outstandings.
  • Fast Quote/Invoice Generation: Quickly compile the details of work to be done from standard drop-down selections, or by adding unique items. Manage pricing and automatically apply discounts. Directly view, print, or email the invoice/quote at the click of a button.
  • Scheduling: Keep track of what jobs are to be done when, where, and by whom. Print out job details for one or multiple technicians.
  • Service Follow-Up: Automatically set reminders to follow up each job at the appropriate time (creating the next job to be done) so you don’t miss out on repeat business.
  • Invoice Payments: Enter and track all the invoice payments your customers make so you will know exactly where each customer stands on their invoices.
  • Reports: Generate reports of invoices issued and payments made by date, payment type, etc., showing GST components for accounting and tax purposes.