1-2-3 Invoice !!

What Does 1-2-3 Invoice Actually Cover?

  • Exceptional Business WritingSimple Jobs: The creation, management and tracking of simple, one-off jobs that would normally involve only one invoice and may, or may not, need a quotation.
  • Project Jobs: The creation, management and tracking of larger jobs that may last for days, weeks, or months and usually require an initial quotation with multiple progress-payment invoices.
  • Easy Search: Find any job, any customer, any contact person, by name, address, phone number, email. Find any invoice by number, date issued, or date paid, as well as filtering by paid status (like; only unpaid).
  • Fast Quote/Invoice Generation: Quickly compile the details of work done, either from standard drop-down selections, or by adding unique items. Manage pricing from default amounts (editable), automatically applying a discount plan where applicable. Directly view, print, or email the invoice/quote at the click of a button.
  • Invoice Payments: Enter and track all the invoice payments your customers make so you will know exactly where each customer stands on their invoices. And send them invoice statements if you do many jobs for them each month.
  • Reports: Generate reports of invoices issued and payments made by date, payment type, etc., showing GST components for accounting and tax purposes.