Here are the basic modules that give us the start point, from which we build your custom made database.

Everyone will use the Everyday Module, because it is a really powerful system for managing your daily contacts. The other modules can be added on if you need them. How are your bills and invoices handled at present? If that’s all under control, you don’t need these modules. The Projects module is really valuable for some people and this can be added on to the Everyday Module, if required.

The Everyday ModuleWhich Module do you want?

  • Store all of your Leads, Prospects, Customers, Suppliers and more: all categorised and rapidly accessible.
  • Historical notes and follow-up reminders for all contacts – time and type sequenced.
  • Create unique and standard emails and documents to send to business contacts.
  • Set up and track meetings with contacts.
  • Print all relevant reports and profiles.
  • Cater to multiple employees accessing the database at the same time.
  • Set permission levels for employees so data can be protected/restricted.

Finance Program Interface

  • Establish relationships between database and finance program like MYOB, Reckon, Xero.
  • Export new and changed data from the database to the finance program.
  • The finance program continues to do what it is good at – Finance.
  • The database does what it is good at – data management.

Remote Access

  • Set up multiple users to connect into the database remotely from iPads, laptops, etc.
  • Uses Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection to give stable and rapid access.

Finance Functions (If needed)

  • Customer Invoice Payments and tracking.
  • Bills Owing and Payments tracking with breakdown by expenditure category.
  • Wages/Payroll functions including PAYG, Super and Holiday tracking.
  • Production of reports for tax preparation purposes.