Scope and Size

How Big (or Small) Should You Be?

If you are a on-person contractor, the best solution may be the Simple Contractor Solutions that have been built specifically for you.

If you are a little bigger than that, or if you have a more complex requirement, here is what you need to know:

How many people do you have?We build our databases on the Microsoft Access database platform. We can build these on any current version of MS Access, running on Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Because MS Access is a part of the MS Office series, it is a very stable platform. Not only that, but being a part of the “Office” family, our databases can easily generate Word Documents and XL Spreadsheets, as well as send email via MS Outlook.

Number of Users

This platform will work really well for a single operator and up to around 20 users. More than that is not recommended.

Remote Access

Remote access is possible utilising the Remote Desktop connection program that is ap part of all Microsoft Windows operating systems. Many of our clients do have users who connect in remotely to their database. Connecting this way there is no problem with speed; the system runs just as fast remotely as it does when you are in the office. To make this work, you simply need to have one of your office PCs set up with Windows 10 Professional (or Win 7 or 8 Pro), which permits multiple people to log in remotely.

Ideal Profile

If you have less than 20 users with little or no remote connection, this solution is perfect for you. You will definitely see all the benefits of having the database custom made to your exact specifications – it really will work the way you want it to work!