What Our Customers Say

What Our Clients Tell Us About
Their Custom-Made Databases:

“Compared to what we had before (paperwork and spreadsheets), this database is really easy to use and it has so many more options that were not available before. It also manages the different areas of activity we are involved with (Solar, LED, etc.) so we can monitor the unique activities that need to be tracked in each of these areas. Generating unique invoicing is also easy, as are the quotations and marketing letters.” (Electrical Contractor)

“I really like the fact that the system has been modified to run exactly the way we want it to work. And we have had it modified multiple times. It’s in a constant state of evolution, so it can grow with my business. I can mange all my customers and sales reps a lot better and it is definitely a much simpler system than I had in place before.” (Advertising Systems Manufacturer)

“The system is a big time-saver. We can see, at a glance, what the customer status is and what stage we are up to on our active projects. We really like the fact that we can get info on a one-click basis. Now we know how many and what type of systems we have installed in the past, which is really valuable information. Overall, it is very time efficient.” (Electrical Installations Specialists)

“We had a database before, but it was not programmed in any way, so it was really just like a big XL spreadsheet. That database was completely reprogrammed so it is now fully user-friendly and entirely selective. We can choose clients by state, suburb, category of interest and even based on the historical data of which auctions they have attended in the past. We can now target our marketing letters very effectively.” (Major Auction House)

“We used to run our business on XL spreadsheets and paper journals, but now it is all in the database and all easily accessible. And it’s not just a database of names and addresses – it also handles all our stock control, invoicing and bills payments. So now we can see how many customers we have and how much we are making over selected periods of time.” (Specialty Retail/Wholesale)

“This system fulfils all our needs – it has been built to cover all aspects of our business from lead generation to customer / project management, installations and on-going service. Previously done with XL spreadsheets, the data is now fully secure and far more reliable, because everyone is operating off the same data source. We particularly like the after-sales service provided by Custom-Made Databases.” (Large Solar Installations Company)

“We really like the ease of knowing where we are with all the active and historic projects; cost, progress, etc. The invoicing function helps greatly in managing that part of the business and the ability to rapidly find people and projects by typing in just a few letters or numbers is very fast. We used to run the whole thing on pages and pages of multiple XL spreadsheets. Now its all in one place and very easy to find.” (Lift Consultancy)

“The whole system is easy to manage with the flexibility to rapidly access client info whenever I need it. It’s all there, without having to work through lots of multiple windows. I also like the fact that I can access it from anywhere and the follow-up system is really good. We used to use a big whiteboard to keep track of everything – now it is all done in the system.”  (Electrical Contractor)

“We needed a system that would manage and control our stock and keep track of our overseas purchase orders, as well as all our customers and invoicing. We now have all this in the one system and can see at a glance exactly what our current situation is in all these areas. Not only that, we were able to designate exactly how it was to operate.”  (National Wholesale Distributor)

“What struck me particularly about this system is that it not only has all the components I need, it has nothing that I don’t need – no clutter. Previously I had no real organisation in my office, but now it is all centralised and everyone can access it. Also, I know it can grow as I do – adding new functions as I come to need them.”  (Electrical Maintenance Company)

“The database that was designed for us is extremely easy to use, which means that it speeds up all of our day-to-day activities. We love the fact that you can rapidly pull up any information you want with a simple click of the fingers and the link to Google Maps is very useful. In particular, the Customer Service is amazing.” (Electrical Contractor)

“Compared to how we used to operate, this database is much easier to work with. Our system now tells us exactly what stock we have at all times and we know when we have to order more. And it’s much faster now to see who owes what and when it is due. Customising the system was really easy; we changed things with no trouble at all.”  (Wholesale Marketing Company)

“The main thing is the level of functionality that the system provides. It has been fully customised to provide exactly what we want, so we have a database with lots of features, but it is not burdened with things we don’t need. It is very easy to use and very easy to understand and is therefore very user friendly.”   (National Installations Company)

“I really love what I am able to do with the system. Everything is right there at my fingertips, so I don’t have to look through filing cabinets – or even search through multiple folders on my PC. It’s really easy to work with and has simplified my life considerably from when I used to do all this on paper and with XL spreadsheets. And the customer service is great.”  (Building Contractor)

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